My husband’s scandal

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The marriage between Jeong Seo-hyun, the daughter of a member of the National Assembly, and Ma Ki-jin, managing director of Samma Group, was perfect. Until he had an affair with his secretary Chae-rin, he had to stamp the document before the divorce, but Ma Ki-jin got amnesia due to a car accident. Ma Ki-jin, who lost his memory, mistook Seo-hyun for the woman he loved the most. 국회의원의 딸 정서현과 삼마그룹 마기진 상무의 결혼은 완벽했다 그가 비서 채린과 바람을 피우기 전까지 이혼을 앞두고 서류에 도장만 찍을 일만 남았는데 교통사고로 인해 마기진이 기억 상실증에 걸리게 된다 기억을 잃은 마기진은 서현을 자신이 가장 사랑했던 여자라고 착각을 하게 되는데.