My Boss Can’t Sleep Without Me

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My Boss Can’t Sleep Without Me
Read manhwa My Boss Can’t Sleep Without Me / Suspicious Sleep With the Boss / Clause nocturne / 上司と私のおかしなベッド事情 / 必须同寝才可以 / 상사와의 수상한 잠자리
Chae Eunsoo just wants a stable life with no drama. After a wild night out leads her to sleep with a man she’s just met, she’s relieved to find that he only slept next to her… and nothing more. When she runs into him again, he reveals his desperate need for some shut-eye, which only Eunsoo could induce. He asks if they could sleep together again, and while he seems polite, she soon learns he’s not just a random stranger, but Seo Dojin, a boss from her company! So much for a drama-free life!
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