Kimi to Koete Koi ni Naru

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Mari is a high school student living in a town where beastmen and humans coexist. When she is late for school, she meets Tsunagu, a beastman who has come to the school as a "special student" for the Beastman Education Program, at the front gate. Mari is bewildered by her first contact with a beastman, but as she gets to know him, she is drawn to his kind and pure side. However, some of her classmates don't seem to take kindly to beastmen, and suddenly the two of them are locked in a warehouse. Suddenly, they are locked in a warehouse and Tsunagu hugs her! He says, "You smell sweet…" His breathing becomes ragged.

A human and a beastman. What will happen to the love between two people who transcend race?

Pure and exciting interspecies youth love.