Romance, But Not Romantic [Team Hazama]

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“You’ve manifested as a recessive Omega.”

No way…But I only came here to get a check up for a bad hangover?!

Overworked and overwhelmed with stress, Back-End Developer, Jinha, manifested as an Omega.

Jinha brews resentment for the leader of the Strategic Planning Team, Hyunjoon, and decides to open a savings account solely to save money to later hire a hitman.

But of course, bad luck comes in threes.

Now that his body is vulnerable to other’s pheromones, the only way to stabilize his body and its craving is with Hyunjoon’s refreshing pheromones.

But the only thing that Jinha can trust is Modern Medicine!

When seeking medical advice to somehow overcome his situation, the only prescription given to him as the safest method, is to have sex with someone that’s compatible and of the same gender.

Not only is Jinha feeling hopeless as he navigates through his hardship, but a stalker appears and attempts to shower him with his pheromones.

Finding himself with no other choice, Jinha asks Hyunjoon for help.