I Tried to Run Away After Eating the Male Lead

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Because I was very hungry, I went to the temple to beg for food. But the temple suddenly began to collapse.I hurriedly ran out, but it seemed that a sweet-smelling candy had rolled up. When I picked it up and ate it and opened my eyes again, the man called the demon without blood and tears was in front of me.“Once you’ve eaten, you have to take responsibility, right?”I have to find a way to return it before this madman cuts my stomach!“The most effective method of exchanging power is through physical contact. The most typical method is sleeping…huh?”At the end of the sentence his voice was hoarse. With a slow smile, he extended his hand, and became confused“Unfortunately, there’s no other way.”“W-What?”“Read it yourself. Here’s the solution”“…Huh?”“Shall we try?”I was captivated by his beautiful face and deep eyes. I didn’t even ask how to proceed step by step.Is he a villain with a world-destroying beauty???