Step Aside, I Will Choose The Ending

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I possessed a character in a reverse-harem strategy game.

And the character I possessed was Belita, a villainess who ends up dying after harassing the main character, the daughter of an absurd family!

On top of that, I’m about to get killed by four characters in a row.

Male main character 1, who kills Belita even though they share the same bloodline.
Male main character 2, who kills Belita saying that she is bringing chaos to the empire.
Male main character 3, who kills Belita for being annoying.
Male main character 4, who kills Belita for justice.

I’m in big trouble. I’m sure that whatever I do, I will end up dead.

There is one way to survive and it’s to help the main character and bring a happy ending to the game!

Fuck that. I will choose the ending.