I Don’t Want To Be the Magpie Bridge

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I’ve been reincarnated into a side character of a novel.
On top of that, I am the character who is like a magpie bridge in the mentally-exhausting story, "The Guys Around Hestia."

There is no romance in store for me, and it absolutely horrifies me to think that my family is destined to drown in debt!

I planned on becoming a civil servant, enjoying a life of wealth and honor that I was unable to attain in my previous life but… why are the guys behaving out of character?
Why are you blushing in front of me? Why do you keep giving me food?

“Can you Imagine Shushu being shy when looking at someone?”
“Whoa… It’d be amazing if that happens.”
As Cory absent-mindedly said to Hiley, Eve frowned and murmured under his breath.
“Should I run away with her…”
Swan remained silent while he hid his face with his sleeves.
His face and ears turned red.

What’s up with you guys? Why are you guys doing other things instead of being obsessed with the female lead? Get yourself together!

This is the survival story of an academy student, Schulaina West, who wants to pursue a wealthy future in a reverse harem novel.

TL/N: Magpie Bridge is the bridge made by a flock of magpies that connects the two star-crossed lovers Orihime and Hikoboshi in the legend behind the Tanabata festival.