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Sungjun has a secret. Try as he might, he can only gain sexual satisfaction through a fancam of former idol Minyoung. But on a night out with friends, the unthinkable happens. After sharing his first kiss with the inexperienced and innocent Geumji, he decides it’s best to take her home. There he meets Geumji’s mother, who is the woman of his dreams…literally. After dropping Geumji off, Sungjun goes home only to have a wet dream about her mom later that night! Shocked by this new revelation, Sungjun is left with unanswered questions: Who is Geumji’s mother? Why is he able to get off to her? And how can he meet her again?! Deciding to take matters – and hopefully mothers – into his own hands, Sungjun just might get what he’s after…and more!