What’s Wrong With Your Online Life?

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As far as eligible bachelors go, most people would call Lee Hojin a “real catch.” But like any young professional in the 21st century, he has a well-kept secret. Lee Hojin (alias: Scholar10) is an insecure internet troll who prowls an Internet forum where people post the craziest everyday stories they can come up with. On the other side of town, a pretty but sheltered girl named Han Seojung is active on the same forum. When she’s online, Seojung adopts the persona of “Omo,” a vulgar and extroverted young man. Hojin and Seojung, who are already bonded anonymously through the website, become intertwined in real life when they are paired up to potentially be married. When both parties have ulterior motives for their prospective marriage, can either one make their wish come true?