Unfair Love Affair (DRAC)

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Haegyeong had a crush on his childhood friend Kwon-Young for a long time. On the awkward night of his 19th birthday, Kwon-Young cursed at Haekyung's confession. However, Hae-kyung stayed by his side and continued his unrequited love.

By the time his unrequited love became part of his daily life, Haegyeong was starring in the same drama as Kwon-Young's older brother, Kwon-Rim.
Kwon Rim is awkward and difficult. One day, Kwon Rim approaches the Haegyeong, step by step…Haegyeong is absorbed by his leisurely and friendly touch without even realizing it and Kwon Rim makes a suggestion to him. “Haegyeong. Meet with me.”…“What if you use me to make Kwon-Young jealous?”… "Okay. You use me for your crush. Because I will also use you for my unrequited love.”