Two Empires: A Tale of One Slave

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Murdered in cold blood, Emperor Levenoad of Strahss is reincarnated as a slave named Ray in the enemy empire of El Fascher! To make matters worse, he's caught the eye of the emperor, Jiskar, and gets dragged off to the palace as his concubine. In order to escape, Ray must spread his legs for Jiskar in order to win his favor, all while carefully avoiding the jealous, power-hungry empress and crown prince who will do anything to tear him down. More importantly, he must figure out who killed him in his past life… and why. Unfortunately, none of this will prove to be easy with guards at his side 24/7 and his feet in shackles. Will Ray be able to find freedom while uncovering the truth about his past? Or is he doomed to be forever chained in the palace of the enemy empire?