Tread Lightly On Thawing Ice (Official)

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Ye Kang-Oh is nothing short of royalty in the world of Jianghu. He is the third and youngest disciple of Ye Jin-Rang, the very man who rules over the entire Black Force of Jianghu. Despite being Jin-Rang's favorite disciple and owning promising skills, Kang-Oh intentionally keeps a low profile to keep distance from politics over which disciple will inherit master's position. One day, Kang-Oh is mysteriously attracted to a humble servant named Woo(foolishness). Not knowing that their destinies have been tied together since long time ago, Kang-Oh cannot help but continue to get intrigued by this mysterious servant… Woo is a servant serving Jin-Rang, master of the entire black force of Jianghu. Despite being known as a fair man, Jin-Rang seems to internationally neglect Woo getting harassed for years by the officials of the Black Force. Woo seems to accept such inhumane treatment as his own fate. One day, Woo unintentionally attracts the attention of Kang-Oh, Jin-Rang's youngest and favorite disciple. Woo tries his best to evade Kang-Oh's kindness but at the same time finds it hard to repel the attention of the man he was missed for so long… ever since Kang-Oh was a little boy and Jin-Rang was known as Dan Woo-hyo, the most powerful swordsman in the entire White Force.