They Say There’s a Ghost in the Club Room

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I met a friend who disappeared a few years ago, and it turns out he's now an exorcist?!

Jisang often speaks nonsense or acts dangerously out of nowhere, and sometimes experiences memory lapses. His friend and underclassman, Taeju, shares a concern that he has: When the club members enter the club room, they fall victim to strange phenomena.

Believing it to be the work of a ghost, Taeju calls an occult specialist to resolve the situation. Unexpectedly, the specialist turns out to be Jisang's childhood friend, Ham Leerae.

Jisang then learns that his symptoms weren't due to an illness, but were caused by spiritual possession. Determined to keep Leerae around, Jisang offers his body to assist with exorcism requests.

"That's how I can make you stay. So you can't escape now."

And the solution to free him from possession is…kissing?!