The villain’s young backer

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Read manhwa The Young Supporter Of Darkness / The Villain‘s Little Sponsor / The Villain‘s Young Backer / 흑막의 어린 후원자
I have been reincarnated as Daphne, a villain who will soon die in the future.
But I don’t want to die, nor do I want to be sold.
“Then you have to change the story now!”
For that reason, I tried to win the favor of the heroine and make the male lead the crown prince.
OK. Now I thought that all that was left was to walk on the flowery path.
“Goodbye, my sister. You’re really helpful.”
…The male lead betrayed me.
Me – Daphne is back again at the age of 13, this time I decided…
“You have to make the royal filthy royal and that damned male lead kneel on the floor and beg”
“I will support you”
So I decided to support the worst villain ever.
But when I decided to support this villain…
“Come here, my beautiful child”
Why did the father-in-law become so emotional?
“Madam, I was going to bring the duck…but your lunch is flying away!”
“I heard this is good for health!!”
“My lady, I caught a bear!”
“Let’s all get out”
What is it about me that makes people love it so much?
“Ah, if you know, can you pretend you don’t know?”
Obviously, in my previous life I was most afraid of the villain, but why do I keep teasing him now?
I thought people here wouldn’t be bothered by my departure, so I left them alone. But…
“Where do you want to go, Daphne?”
I was wrong!