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Cheong-kyung, a college student who was in distress at snow-covered Mt. Baekdu in the middle of winter, was rescued by Baekbeom, a mountain soldier on Mt. Baekdu. Since he entered the realm of Shinsu, he had to erase his memory and send him down, but Baekbeom somehow didn't want to send Cheong-kyung down. Cheong-kyung and Baekbeom spent the season together like that. However, he couldn't leave the memory of him to a human being, so he was forced to erase it and send Cheong-kyung down. After that, he became sick from longing for Cheong-kyung, and Baekbeom made a bet with heaven. Go down to the human world for 100 days and take Cheong-kyung back to Baekdusan Mountain, open your eyes wide. A tiger comes down from Mt. Baekdu.