The Swordsman Dubbed the Sorcerer of Countless Swords (Official)

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The Swordsman Dubbed the Sorcerer of Countless Swords (Official) 0 (0)
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“I'm not a sorcerer… I'm a swordsman.”

As the user of a new magic never before recorded in the history of magic, dubbed the "Swords Sorcery", that allows its user to control swords with magic, making them fly through the air and cut through the enemy, Aldis works as a mercenary who gets paid to kill, escort or investigate at his client's request.
On his way back from an investigation, he finds himself in the custody of a pair of twins who have been attacked by a band of thieves. However, in this world, twins are considered an abomination. With a quiet anger towards the world and the goddess who caused it, Aldis begins his journey with the twins and the maiden who follows him as his servant. He uses all kinds of magic without chanting them, mainly his Swords Sorcery, and his fellow sorcerers often complain that he is insane, but he dances and dances with his swords to make his way, regardless. This is the story of the swordsman known as the "Sorcerer of Countless Swords"