The Scatter – Uncensored +19 (MGS)

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One dark night, while on his way home, Colin is assaulted by a stranger. At that moment, someone extends to him a helping hand! Overwhelmed with gratitude, Colin looks behind… And comes face to face with the kind gentleman he has a crush on, Edwin Clark. The stranger's lifeless body lay motionless in front of him, and in Edwin's hand was a stone with blood dripping!
"I-Is… Is he… Dead?"
In order to save his beloved Colin, Edwin had no choice but to resort to extreme measures. He gives a sad smile and says he will turn himself in later that morning, all the while consoling Colin. Seeing how dejected Edwin is, Colin promises that he'll stay silent…!
"We now share a secret. This makes me so happy."
This man who smiles sweetly but is somehow creepy, can I really be by his side…?

*Disclaimer: Psycho and toxic relationship incoming, please approach with caution!*