The Protection of Lariensa Gelinus

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Reading about Lariensa was an innocent pastime, but Song Yiseul never imagined becoming personally entangled in her story. When she wakes up in a fictional world as Lariensa’s best friend Marilyn, she quickly realizes that her favorite novel’s star desperately needs her protection. The thing is, Lariensa is just a little too sweet for her own good, which makes her an easy target for master manipulators like Sibel Noma Kahn. As Lariensa’s loyal friend, it’s up to Marilyn to save her from the boy who will one day ruin her life. But Marilyn’s desperate attempts to circumvent Sibel only seem to pique his devilish curiosity. With the antagonist now suddenly interested in her, Marilyn sets out to foil Sibel's sinister plot to use her to get to Lariensa.