The Princess Wants to Die Comfortably

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Possessed the body of Ophelia, the villainess of ‘The Return of the Crown Prince’. She thought she would be able to live well like the other protagonists of the novel, but…….

The first was execution by guillotine, the second was execution by burning, the third was suicide by poisoning, and the fourth was death by arrows on the throne.

And the fifth execution. Even if I don't follow the original storyline, I die.

“Make a poison for me. A painless, slow-killing drug.”

So this time, I really, with all my heart, wanted to die ‘peacefully’…

“Are you leaving me after I ascend to the throne?”

“I hope Her Highness, the princess, somehow survives.”

“I want to know what kind of person Your Majesty is.”

The people around me won't let me die easily!