The Obsessive Stud Scammed Me into Marriage

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Our female lead had the martial arts skills to beat down any man, but never had the chance to date or even touch a man in her past life.
After an untimely death, she is transmigrated into the childhood body of Iona, a noble lady in a Fantasy Romance novel world, where her fate is to wed and live with one man.

“No Way! This time, I’m dating around!”
Determined to escape marriage, she befriends a crying boy she finds in her garden who shares a similar fate, and light-heartedly agrees to marry him to cheer him up.

After Iona is all grown up and ready to mingle with all the gorgeous men in the empire, a certificate of engagement finds her, showing that she is already engaged to none other than Carvain Tenebreth,
the ninth crown prince of the empire. They crying boy had scammed him into becoming his Crown Princess!

Iona, even running away from home, pushes for divorce, while her obsesseive husband is hot on her tail, determined to wife her.
Will Iona be able to enjoy a free love life, or end up tied to her obsessive prince for life?”