The Lost Lady and the Crimson Duke

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Justine, a daughter of a fallen noble family, works as a seamstress named Elise at the Royal Palace while hiding her true identity. On the day of the royal wedding, a robbery incident occurs, where the Princess' Royal necklace gets stolen! After a series of unfortunate events, Justine gets falsely accused by the crowd of stealing the Princess' necklace. Just when Justine thinks there is no escape from being labeled a criminal, Lord Shimeon De Castille, the King's nephew, comes to her side and helps her. He offers to keep Justine at his mansion until all suspicions are cleared. Justine knows Lord Shimeon is only being kind because of his good nature, but for some reason, she can't help but grow feelings for him. However, her toxic relationship from the past tells Justine it's better not to fall in love again. So, it's only natural that she keeps her distance from Lord Shimeon, right?