The Fake Saintess Bears Tainted Robes

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Alicia Sorcelion is a Noble Lady of the Empire, whose only sin was believing in love.
When a doctored prophecy matches her likeness, Prelate Libenthius, a religious leader of the Empire's Central Pantheon,
conspires to take advantage of Alicia, puppeting her as the "Saintess" of the empire and betrothing her to the Crown Prince, Viktor Lawrence.

While she is praised by the masses, she conceals her apparent lack of divine power, and lives a secluded and lonely life, only finding solace in her love for Viktor, who she believes to reciprocate her feelings. After Viktor becomes Emperor, he reveals that he too was using her as a pawn in his ambitious plans, and with the appearance of a new "True Saintess" appears, Alicia is branded as a traitor and "False Saintess" in the eyes of the public, eventually sentenced to burn at the stake as a witch and traitor of the Empire.

Given another chance at life from the heavens, she opens her eyes in the past, with evidence of living a tragic future branded on her. Determined to avoid the prophecy at all costs, she aims to become a religious servant of the Empire, immune to the prophecy and the influence of her traitors. However her journey is not so easy, as her fate is tangled with a helping Cleric, Edwin, and her past tormentors continue to enact their conspiracy from her past future.