The Crown Prince’s Fiancee

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I, who was merely a maid at the royal palace, heard the Crown Prince’s secret by accident.
The Crown Prince’s fiancee who ran away was actually a man?!

“Please spare me! I’ll do anything!”

The answer I gave in order to survive,
The promise that I would do anything,
was the beginning of my misery.

“You do it then.”
“Do what?”
“Be my fiancee.”

There’s only one way to escape death!
It's to become the Crown Prince’s fiancee?!!!

“I’ll only let you live if you safely survive the party two weeks from now.”

I held on while trusting the Crown Prince’s words.
I got through the ball without any issues but…
Why isn’t he letting me go?

“Now that he’s coming back, I should leave, right?”
“Under whose discretion?”

I thought I was just a substitute.

“You can’t go anywhere. You’re now my only fiancee.”
Why are you… saying that?!!!!

I just did my best in order to stay alive…
But I ended up touching the Crown Prince’s heart?!

Atienne’s sweet and fierce survival at the royal palace!!