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In Herera, neuro-tech is the norm and immortality is just a body swap away. As head of Herrera’s military, Finlay Eckstein has always had reason to watch the closed-off Prime Minister, Kiaran Bedoya, but not much reason to take an interest. That is, until Finlay comes across a rather…special video. It shows a Kiaran of decades earlier, standing in an S&M club with his eyes fixated on the scene before him. But it’s not the Prime Minister’s presence at a raunchy location that intrigues Finlay – no, it’s the look in Kiaran’s eyes. Lust. Desire. Jealousy. One thing is clear to Finlay, and it’s that the cold and aloof Prime Minister wants nothing more than to be turned into a pleasure slave and Finlay himself is more than happy to oblige. But with these two men both holding positions at the top of Herera’s political hierarchy, could their entanglement have consequences far bigger than mutual satisfaction?