The Clandestine Marriage of a Fox «Official»

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A white-haired beauty. A mysterious power. A night of passion. Kiheon lived an ordinary existence until the day Baek-yeo entered his life. The mysterious ashen-haired child would whisper visions of the future to Kiheon’s grandfather, allowing for a life of prosperity and success. Confident that the two would be fine on their own, Kiheon left to pursue life as an everyday businessman. Years later, on the night of his grandfather’s passing, the two are reunited. Baek-yeo, now a foxy beauty in his maturity, comes to Kiheon with a proposition: grant me a child, and I will ensure you success with your business. After their fiery fling the two part ways, never to see each other again…or at least, that’s what Kiheon thinks. Four years later, a call from home reveals the truth of that night: Baek-yeo is actually a kumiho – a nine-tailed fox with the ability to see the future…and apparently, get pregnant! Now Kiheon must not only learn how to be a father, but also how to keep Baek-yeo by his side forever.