The Business Is Closed Due To The Tyrant Parents

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The emperor of the empire called the tyrant, Since the construction of the temple, there has been no blood or tears, The horse tower owner who is the strongest big magician ever, Even the black film duke who dominates the back world. Since when did there have so many daughters and idiots in the world? Why are these crazy people ordering strange things every day! “I need to buy a favor of abaama. That way…, you won’t kill me.” “I’m going to pay for it in the middle of the day. I’m going to save money and leave this house.” “Sister, how can I fuck him?” “Would it be okay if I use this high-class Daimon? The ending has already been decided….” And why are all those children so esoteric. I can’t stand the runaway orders, various threats, and difficult children. The toy workshop, which has been going on for the third generation, has been closed. But the day after the workshop was burned, “It’s a new workshop made of wood that never burns, boss.” The fifth workshop flashed in front of my eyes. * Why wasn’t there a story about “you” in “If you can’t save my daughter, you’ll die too”? It contains the sorrow of the female citizen who has to make the perfect thing on a fixed date due to the money of the powerful, Harasho’s feature romance fantasy <I’m closing because of the thuse dads! > #Nanare_Reverse Harem Cover Illustration By Sete (@sete011) Title Design By Sold Out (@maejin_d)