The Bright Moon

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COMIKEY: “You have to be stronger than everyone else. Strong enough to carry the world.”

After the Great Celestial War, the guardians sealed the Demon King for a thousand years, setting up a sect nearby—led by the revered Yuetian—to protect mankind. One day, a young Qiao Yao gets hurt, alone and lost on the mountain, only to be found and saved by Yuetian himself. Ever since that very moment, he's considered Guardian Yuetian to be his sole reason to live. Thus begins his training as a celestial guardian in order to become powerful enough to stay by his side.

INKR: Qian Yao is a high level cultivator who admires his master and sect leader, Yue Tian Ren. Qian Yao worked hard to become strong to be by his master's side, but Yue Tian thinks he's not ready. But with the seal of the demon lord slowly breaking, will Qian Yao able to fight with Yue Tian?

WEBCOMICS: You are Yue Tian Ren, a person no one can reach. You carry the whole world, protect the people. You are the master I respect the most and the person I engraved deeply in my heart. I tried my best to be with you, but it didn't go as expected in the end. Even if I turn into a ghost, even if this path I go is wrong, I only want to keep you by my side!