Teaching the Royal Brat a Lesson

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Elysia, the refined daughter of a duke, was meticulously raised to fulfill one singular purpose—marrying into royalty. The culmination of her upbringing arrives as she is chosen as a potential bride for the crown prince. However, her dreams shatter abruptly when a tragic accident leaves her arm severely burned, putting an end to any aspirations of a royal engagement. Reduced to a mere political pawn in her father’s eyes, Elysia finds herself abandoned to the shadows, her younger sister now the favored one. Adrift in quiet exile, she grapples with a profound sense of aimlessness. A lifetime of dutifully obeying her father’s commands has left her without a clear understanding of her own desires. Amidst this uncertainty, she crosses paths with Gilles, the king’s illegitimate son raised in the slums. Despite his lack of royal decorum, Gilles exudes an unwavering spirit that captivates Elysia. Intrigued by his determination to preserve his individuality within the constraints of royalty, she volunteers to become his tutor, hoping that being close to him might help her discover her own path in life. This is a tale of how these two opposites learn how to navigate the icy waters of a rigid social hierarchy while supporting each other to be true to themselves. Get ready for a lesson in romance in the face of adversity when love blossoms between the genteel noble’s daughter and the street-smart young prince!