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In a world of mystical beasts and magic, Rei scours everywhere in search of a cure for his curse. Having undergone extensive human testing by the Alchemist Society, he must find an external source to absorb the mana of the insignia that is eating away at his body. On a quest to find the magical flower flos magicae, Rei follows the sound of a distant groaning to discover its source: the remarkably handsome Kylen, writhing in pain. Though this commander is known to many as the captain of the Beast Hunter Corps, he has a secret all his own – the noble knight secretly holds dragon blood, causing him to transform when his body is ripe with mana. To prevent Kylen’s full transformation, Rei kisses the soldier, using his insignia to absorb the magic that surges within. With Rei now knowing his true identity, the Beast Corps captain must find a way to prevent his secret (and his beast) from getting out. Will this savage captain remain a beast, or become a beauty tamed?