Stranger in the Mirror

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It’s the year 2056, China, a world where Androids have been normalised.

Reung Deungun, the ‘Jungan’ team captain of the special operation forces, despises androids.

After a traumatic incident where all of his teammates had been killed by androids, he remained as the only survivor. From then on getting close to Androids would trigger his PTSD symptoms.

‘’Nice to meet you, I am the 32th generation first class AI soldier, serial number XBT-512087.’’

Following orders from above XBT-512087 an android robot that goes by ‘Soho’, got assigned to work alongside Reung Deungun as his administrative assistant.
Reung Deungun has to work with him for a limited time period without causing any troubles.

A problematic assistant that causes problems everywhere he goes?

Reung Deungun thought that he would grow to hate Soho but his hatred slowly faded as he discovered that Soho was softly healing his invisible wounds, understanding him in a way no human ever could.

Soho who adores his senior officer very much on the other hand, starts hoping that somewhere in his sophisticated program and computer brain he can learn to feel the love of a human.

‘’Commander Reung Deungun, I want to get closer to you. Let me be your comfort and help you feel the warmth of this world again.’’