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Yeo Junhwi is a university student majoring in ceramics. Having lost his parents in an accident at a young age, the only person he could lean on emotionally was his close childhood friend, Kang Seok-Hyeon. What started as a crush born from Seokhyun's kind care, however, is complicated by the fact that Junhui is a beta while Seokhyun is an alpha. In this world, it is common belief that alphas should share love with omegas. Junhui's only hope lies in one fact: "I don't like omegas. Seriously." Seokhyun likes betas. Seokhyun, who is a very popular actor, makes Junhui's heart race every day with his unchanging kindness. Eventually, Junhui decides to confess his feelings. However, from one summer day, changes begin to occur in Junhui's body.