Screw the Noble Life, I’m Going Home

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After confirming that I had won the lottery, I tried to quit my job. However, as soon as I opened the door, I found myself transmigrated into the body of a Duke's daughter in a fantasy world.

I have one year to claim the prize money, so I have to return home at all costs. My 1.7 billion won, mum will be there soon. Wait for me!!! But… What's wrong with this family?!

"I love you." But I'm not your daughter, uncle!

"My little sister, you might get hurt, so I'll carry you." Did he say he was going to carry me? What is this guy, a giant brown bear?

"If you mess around with my sister one more time, I'll make you disappear without a trace." He has such a pretty face for someone who speaks so crudely,

"Don't fall ill." Don't worry about me. Why are there so many of them?! I'm not a noble lady! Leave me alone, I wanna go home!