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When a shrewd company president is betrayed and murdered by a subordinate, he finds that he has transmigrated to an ancient Chinese Omegaverse world. Now in the body of a beautiful young nobleman whose soul has just departed after being neglected during a heat, Ruan Qing is determined to use his intelligence and business acumen to survive in his new environment. He becomes the royal consort of Xuan Jing Yao, the nation's fifth prince; but the wary Xuan Jing Yao dislikes anything he can't control, knowing that even one's own kin are not to be trusted. To seal their new partnership, he puts a cursed treasure known as the "Heart-Locking Chain" around Ruan Qing's neck to ensure his new concubine's loyalty. Any malice towards him will cause the chain to tighten, and the wearer will die!