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"I have to protect you. That's what I thought. At first……"

Giwoo, who took time off school and was looking for a part-time job, happens upon an posting for a high-paying part-time job at a PC room.

When he arrives at the PC room for his interview, he sees crowds of people waiting outside as if it were a famous restaurant.

The reason being: the "boss's face".

A pure and beautiful boss who looks clueless and naïve, like he'd be an easy target of deception. Nervously standing teary-eyed within the wolfpack of onlookers that is always on the lookout for him.

Giwoo, who dreams of being a righteous policeman in the future, makes up his mind from the very first moment to protect the boss from this wolfpack.

But… as time goes on, the boss beings acting strangely…

"Excuse me, Boss… why are you beating up gangsters…?!"