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INKR: Once a famous musician, a singer of traditional music lost all his popularity in the music scene. The musician meets a mysterious but dominating man who is willing to help him regain his popularity. A tense romantic series following a "Canary" and his mysterious and dominating leader.

WEBCOMICS: The top idol that was once a huge success has now fallen down from the pedestal, becoming the "pet" of a mysterious leader of a group. What he didn't know is that this leader was actually his fanboy?! Let's see how this infamous idol gets back to his prime with the help of this domineering fanboy! "You have me. I'll help you get back to your golden days!

COMIKEY: “Come, my lord. Nightsky tastes best when it's shared.”

As a deposed crown prince-turned-idol who's spent the last ten years in jail, Quan Qing has had it rough. That is, until he gets kidnapped by thugs and sold at an auction to a superfan! Just as he's about to meet his new master, the Nightowl Gang interrupts the auction and steals Quan Qing away. Will Quan Qing find comfort and familiarity with his new captors? Or will he simply be a caged canary?

WEBNOVEL: A once-popular idol’s career went downhill and ended up being the “canary” of a mysterious gang leader. What’s out of his expectation, this gang leader is his “stalking fan”. Let’s see how this has-been goes back to the top with the help of his powerful fan!