Only Virgins Left Alive (Official Translation)

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Choi Gyutae is a French high schooler who comes to Korea as a transfer student. On his first day of class, he meets Lin Seok: a handsome student who just so happens to be in the same class. Lin Seok’s friendly disposition and irresistible charm leads Gyutae to fall head over heads the moment he lays eyes on him. However, on their way back home Seok says something that makes Gyutae lose all hope of the two of them ever dating: “Guys who don’t keep their virginity…should really just go die.” Taken aback by this unrealistic condition for love, Gyutae decides to settle for the two of them remaining platonic for the rest of their lives. Six years later, they’ve become good roommates and even better friends. But when Gyutae witnesses something that shocks him to his core, their relationship might be in danger. Will a misunderstanding cause their friendship to be dead in the water? Or will their relationship be able to survive the competition?