Oneikei Yakuza ni Maiban Dekiai Saretemasu

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"I'm going to be the bride of a Yakuza boss…as a substitute for someone else…" Sara's parents were in serious debt, and so she was held as collateral for 10 years by the Todo Group. Still unable to pay off the debt, she has been living a cruel life of chores, unable to even remember her parents faces. As a substitute for the daughter of Todo's boss, she is suddenly sent off to be married to the Boss of the Shijo Group, Ayatane Shijo. If she can successfully spy on him for the Todo Group, the debt will be cleared. Failure is not an option. She faces this new situation nervously, but suddenly hears "Everyone~ Weeeee're home!" It seems that her new husband is a very expressive and feminine personality. This is the person she has to deceive!?