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There’s a rumor on the internal office messageboard that there’s a handsome stud in the office who’s a serial hit-it-and-quitter. Manager Yoon Heedae just so happens to run into a guy who seems to fit the bill described in the post… Could Kim Siwon from operations be the serial homewrecker? After a slightly heated run-in, Heedae and Siwon’s relationship seems to have gotten off on the wrong foot. But as the need for the operations and sales teams to collaborate has grown, their paths are inevitably going to cross more. Plus, in a fit of panic, Heedae blurted out about his tremendous “experience” in relationships when the truth is anything but! Well, after a company outing for dinner and drinks, the time to put up or shut up has come. Will mutual curiosity get these office mates in bed or should they keep things strictly business?