My Home As a Filming Location!

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After returning from walking around my neighborhood, I was met with an entire film crew in my front yard?!
Yeonwoo, a beekeeper who lived in a secluded village, signed a contract that stated that his house would be used for filming with a PD who directed <Countryside Occupations> while he was drunk.
Later on, he found out that he would be filming his life with Kang Dojoon, a famous Korean actor.
Begrudgingly, he started to prepare for filming.
Contrary to what he thought before, he changed his mind after seeing Kang Dojoon in person.

If I have to live with a handsome guy like that for 10 days… that wouldn't be so bad.

Will Dojoon successfully complete filming for <Countryside Occupations>?

By Madeleine Scans