My duke is Not Dead

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Read manhwa My duke is Not Dead / 내 공작님은 안 죽어!
When I woke up, I arrived in a completely different world. It is the world in which the book called “The End of the Abyss,” which I read to the end, is filled with a sense of waste. Hee Jeon, who chose the book for the cover, was a mad crown prince who wielded deadly tyranny, and she became an unnamed extra hunter who lived in a village where demons constantly invaded and a demon hunter couldn’t enter in the capital.
However, it would have been better to meet the mad prince even if he had to avoid it. “Without my favorite, I can’t be in this book!” I don’t want to be there until the end! So he spent three hard years clamoring for his favorite, but with mixed feelings about not seeing it better. You mean, until you meet a man who completely forgets about his favorite face, and keeps shooting to his picky taste.
“That guy…” -That guy? Do you mean the aristocrat? Because it is? -You are so handsome. Laine, who barely swallowed the last word, exhaled a sigh that she didn’t even know she was stopping.