My Childhood Friend’s Guide

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“Jung Taewon, stop moving your hips…!”

It’s been 15 years since mysterious gates started appearing on Earth, unleashing monsters.

There are those who protect the world’s peace from being disrupted.
The Espers with superpowers and the Guides who stop them from rampaging.

As a D-class Guide, I was just enjoying a comfortable life as a civil servant.
That is, until I got matched with an S-class Esper in the high-risk category for going on a rampage.

“Jung Taewon…? What are you doing here?!”

To top it off, the crazy Esper I was assigned to guide, who hadn’t been guided for 7 years, turned out to be my childhood friend of 26 years, Jung Taewon.

To prevent this guy from going on a rampage, I had to guide him… in other words, we needed physical contact.

‘It’s for the sake of saving a person’s life! It’s just a medical procedure like CPR!’

This was definitely my mindset as I prepared to guide him.

“Jung Taewon, stop moving your hips…!”
“I’d like to… but I can’t help it.”

It seems we’ve definitely crossed the line that friends should never cross.