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…Now let's have you show me a nice expression. I can't believe that I, a guy who loves girls, would be forced to climax by another guy…!! Okumura, an undisputed player, doesn't like Karasawa, who's superior to him in both popularity and grades. One day, Okumura hears from his friend that Karasawa has erectile dysfunction. Cocky after learning about the refreshing prince Karasawa's weakness, Okumura tells Karasawa directly that he knows about his sexual secret. But when they were on the topic of where he learned about it, the refreshing Karasawa's attitude makes a one-eighty!! Binding down Okumura, he plays with his nipples and takes out a vibrator. Without a word, Karasawa stimulates Okumura's privates and even reaches out to his asshole!! Wait, I thought his dick couldn't get hard… What's this hard thing that's touching me!?