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『Sometimes, your future gets decided by just one moment.』

The whole kingdom of Jesús fell into a state of shock after hearing the news of Queen Marie Trizia’s Suicide. While everyone praised Marie Trizia for being an excellent queen, her older twin brother, Rafael Evans, was most suspicious of her death.

‘I only have you. You're the only one that can save me.'

As Rafael met his family for the first time in his life to attend Marie's funeral, the voice of his sister screaming those words to him as she had come to see him barefoot echoed in Rafael's mind. And then, Rafael discovered a note in the location where Marie's corpse was found…

“Lift up your face.”
Rafael, wanting to discover Marie's killer, disguises himself as 'AnneMarie La Shore', the new Queen Consort, and enters the palace to meet King 'Ivory'. That moment marked the start of an unprecedented fate.

The death of his sister whom he believed would be happy unlike her younger self…
What was the ‘hell’ that his sister dropped into?
And what will change after Rafael and Ivory meet?