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Minha is no stranger to the unexplainable. As a child, he used to see things that weren’t there, and even as an adult the strangest things tend to happen to him. Not a day seems to go by where he isn’t tripping over something or crashing into someone. Still, he’s managed to stay in one piece…sort of. Until one day he finds himself staring into the light – the headlights of an oncoming car, that is! Assuming this is it for him, Minha braces for impact, only to find himself safe in the arms of a handsome stranger. The strange man, calling himself Dowoon, claims to be Minha’s guardian deity, and so Minha informs him that he doesn’t care for new-age religions, thank you very much. But there’s just something so…believable about Dowoon’s story. How does he know so much about Minha, things no one but himself should know? And why does Minha feel safer around him? Perhaps there might just be something divine about him after all…