Lord Baby Runs A Romance Fantasy With Cash

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I lived without a home or family and suffered until I died, but then an ‘angel’ appeared and made me an offer.

“You, a professional reader of rofan novels, would you like to be reincarnated into a world created based on rofan?”

Because he said that my Dad (handsome) and my older brothers (handsome) will fed me with a diamond spoon, I was reborn…

—They say I might be a child born from my mother’s affair?

As soon as I was born, I was handed over to my relatives and became a servant, facing abuse.

“At this rate, I might freeze to death or starve to death alone.”

There’s nothing I can do about this situation.

“Daddy, take me away—!”

Let’s find a way to survive somehow.

[You have fulfilled the conditions.]
[The trait <Rush and Cash> has awakened.]

[Dear reader, do not hesitate to use any means and methods to obtain what you desire. Conquer and seize it!
Romance novel readers don’t back down in situations like this!
Show your abilities!
-Condition: Persuade the Duke of Pheraton and obtain the <Summoning Medium>.
-Reward: 5,000 cash draw ticket.
-Quest rejection penalty: Game over in life.
-Quest failure penalty: Game over in life.]

“So, the quest is to kiss my Dad on the cheek?”

…I’ve been scammed.