Let’s Hide My Younger Brother First

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I've possessed a character in an R-rated BL manhwa.
It's in a world where people, whose craziness ranges from one to ten, appear.

“Franz, can you take off your clothes for a moment?”
“Sister? Wh-Why my clothes?”

Their crazy serenade had already begun.
Having been faced with the violence my younger brother had to endure, I made a vow.

“Instead of Franz, I’ll have [Schuette] instead.”

Those people are coming soon.
The people who will exterminate my family, and when that’s not enough, they’ll devour my younger brother’s innocence.

“And I’ll become a knight to succeed our family and carry on its legacy.”

If he doesn’t go, I’ll die!

That’s how I thoroughly hid my brother and
decided attend all the official events myself.

…But something’s wrong.

“I do! I love Kyla Vesta!”
“If Young Miss gets hurt, then I’ll…”
“I don’t feel the need to wait any longer.”

Didn’t you all like men?
Why are you all suddenly obsessed with me?