Lend Me Some Sugar

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After flunking the civil service exam, Kim Youngsoo spends his days working part-time at a pork cutlet restaurant, struggling to make ends meet. He plans to give the exam another shot down the line, but for now, his small moments of happiness in his mundane life come from treating the cute guy who drops by the restaurant to pork cutlets every now and again. Amidst the routine of his simple and peaceful life, an unexpected disruption arrives in the form of his neighbor, Lim Joongdo: a rude and conceited jerk who hurls insults at Youngsoo from the moment they meet. Frustrated and disheartened, Youngsoo chooses to just ignore Joongdo completely. But then…out of the blue, Joongdo does a complete 180 and starts acting all sugary and sweet. Did Joongdo genuinely have a change of heart, or is he sugarcoating his words to hide a bitter motive?