Kokokara wa Otona no Jikandesu. (Official)

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"I'd like you to sleep with me." The day after my birthday, the chief I look up to made me a shocking request. I agreed wanting to be useful to him, but… he suddenly pushed me down looking nothing like himself!!Mikan Sasaki, an office lady who can see spirits, is pretty worried about all the evil spirits attached to Chief Akutsu, whom she's one-sidedly in love with. Moreover, she's been feeling a truly wicked presence among them lately… That very night, when she was drinking in the park in the name of a birthday party alone, he just happened to pass by and bring her back to his place… She then woke up with no memories of the previous night and her handsome chief sleeping right next to her!!I'm wounded and there's a bandage on it, meaning that I caused him trouble, right…? I asked him what I could do to pay him back, but for some reason he asked me to sleep with him!? In his room, in his bed filled with his scent, my heart is about to explode just from lying down next to the one I've loved for a long time. I can't believe I'm this close to him, whom I've always only watched from afar…A bed time love story about how an awkward pair get a bit closer every passing night.