Kill the Villainess

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The villainess in the novel and only daughter of a marquis, Eris Mizelian, became jealous of the kind and lovely protagonist, Helena, and was executed for hatching a conspiracy.

'I' who reincarnated as her, have only one goal: to escape from this world and get back home.

I was even prepared to die to achieve this, but the laws of the world that bound "me" here were persistent.

The three male leads, the crown prince, the high priest, and even the warrior, who used to loathe Eris, begin to look her way as they notice her change from how she was before…

"Even so, I absolutely cannot love this world."

Even if the only way to escape is by death.

Even if I were to take the hand of a sorceress in order to achieve it, I'll definitely escape this world!

The otherworld escape of Eris, who rejects her fate!