It’s My Baby!

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I had a one night stand with the first person I met, but I conceived a baby.
Everytime this omega had a boyfriend, the relationship always ended up with being cheated and in the end, he even got kicked by hearing the words, “You are an omega, but I’m not attracted to you". Hae-soo, who was chugging alcohol while bursting out his anger at a friend who comforted him, get wasted by a drug, and to make matters worse, the heat cycle overlaps. Alpha Dogan, who was in the same pub, notices the condition of the Haesoo. Do-gun tries to help Hae-soo and get away from the place but he is tempted by Hae-soo and ends up spending the night together.
In the morning, as soon as he wakes up, Hae-soo hastily ran away and finds out that he is pregnant 4 weeks later. Hae-soo decides to raise and make the child happy by himself.
After 4 years, Hae-soo and Do-geon are reunited… … .